Monday, 13 December 2010

IACF International Antique & Collectors Fair - Ardingly Jan 2011

It seems rediculous now to be organising stock for January 2011, but in reality it's less than 4 weeks or 28 days until I leave home to set up the first Antiques Fair of 2011.

Ardingly 11th & 12th January, West Sussex, RH17 6TL

Quite a few of the intervening days will be taken up with eating, drinking, socialising, oh and I'm best to get on now. The snow has thawed and we are now waiting for the next dump...Christmas Eve would be nice, as I have one more trip to London before.

The Shopping Arcade at Ardingly always has a fantastic range of stalls selling everything you have ever dreamt of, plus a few more for good measure.
By 11th January everyone will be desparate to go shopping and finally sort their homes out. The Christmas/New Year break usually makes you realise how much nicer your home would be if you found the missing items that tranform your house into a home. Ardingly can provide that, or at least provide you with much needed inspiration.

I'm not sure how many of my French dealer friends will be heading across in January to sell their wares, they may wait for the better weather in March? So my wide selection of French Vintage and Antique Decorative pieces should be popular.
I may pop over to Paris, to visit friends, to top up my stock in early January... Miss the feeling of my favourite Jazz Cafe...

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  1. The fair will be a first for me at Ardingly, so I will look out for you and your man! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am looking for one or two items, but love poking around.