Monday, 31 January 2011

Newark Antiques Fair, the Largest in Britain..

I really can't believe how quickily IACF Newark has come around.
I'll see you on SA70 on Thursday & Friday this week, 3rd & 4th February already...!
My van is packed and ready to leave, Roly won't be with me as it's too cold for him! I've a lovely small French sofa onboard, a fantastic French wine safe, a really cute French crib, plus my usual selection of interesting French antique and vintage finds.

Sorry no photos from daughter has taken them back to Uni..I will obtain by force!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Top Shop, Oxford Street, London...

Well quite by chance my daughter spotted the six beech chairs that I recently sold at Kempton Antiques Fair, November 2010, to Top Shop!!
Proudly forming a major part of their display in their flagship Oxford Street store in London.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ardingly Antiques Fair Update...rain..rain...rain and MUD

I arrived around midnight on Monday having had a lovely dinner in Cafe Rouge behind Harrods with my daughter. I parked up beside quite a few of our European traders and settled down for the short sleep until the gates opened...
Well, the rain came beating down all night....when the vans began to surge into the showground at 5.30am the rain stopped...but the damage was done...the whole place was soaking...

The Shopping Arcade did have plastic walkway tiles laid in each stand, but these only gave a safe walkway halfway into each the end of my piece was an ever growing muddy puddle!!

Tuesday trade were up bright and early and sales went well..a very damp and windy day continued...many of the outdoor stalls packed up and went home at the end of Day 1. I was really glad of the Shopping Arcade tents, at least we had some shelter and stability of the stalls all being together...

The rain started up again during Tuesday night, so Wednesday morning was a slow start, I meant to get up at 8am to sort my stock, but it was 8.30 before I could face the windy conditions. Jacqui kept us alive with supplies of toasted teacakes with lashings of Utterly Butterly.

The excitement of the BBC filming Bargain Hunt brightened up our damp and windy day...Tim Wonnacott spent most of his morning being filmed outside and inside our stands in the Shopping Arcade...probably this will be cut down to a few seconds on the program in a few months time?

A couple of lively girls managed to get a 'deal' out of me reluctantly on one of the remaining 'Stockmans' mannaquins...I think they had a it will be perfect...

By 2.30pm we ahd all had quite enough of the weather and the packing up began...I can only politely describe this as challenging!! The rain started and didn't stop! All my stock was damp and muddy...
Every muscle in my body is still aching...

Well I'm considering getting more fresh stock loaded up for Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair Friday 21st January...

Monday, 13 December 2010

IACF International Antique & Collectors Fair - Ardingly Jan 2011

It seems rediculous now to be organising stock for January 2011, but in reality it's less than 4 weeks or 28 days until I leave home to set up the first Antiques Fair of 2011.

Ardingly 11th & 12th January, West Sussex, RH17 6TL

Quite a few of the intervening days will be taken up with eating, drinking, socialising, oh and I'm best to get on now. The snow has thawed and we are now waiting for the next dump...Christmas Eve would be nice, as I have one more trip to London before.

The Shopping Arcade at Ardingly always has a fantastic range of stalls selling everything you have ever dreamt of, plus a few more for good measure.
By 11th January everyone will be desparate to go shopping and finally sort their homes out. The Christmas/New Year break usually makes you realise how much nicer your home would be if you found the missing items that tranform your house into a home. Ardingly can provide that, or at least provide you with much needed inspiration.

I'm not sure how many of my French dealer friends will be heading across in January to sell their wares, they may wait for the better weather in March? So my wide selection of French Vintage and Antique Decorative pieces should be popular.
I may pop over to Paris, to visit friends, to top up my stock in early January... Miss the feeling of my favourite Jazz Cafe...

Friday, 3 December 2010

Blizzards at Sunbury Antiques Market

Well, I am truely mad! The weather on Tuesday morning at just after 6am when we began to unload our vans could only be described as FREEZING. This got gradually worse, including several blizzards. Quite a few trade buyers bustled about the market buying, all wrapped up, many in wellies. By 10.30 we all began to pack up...too cold and wet to continue, and the threat that the roads could be getting icy. Winter is definatly here!
The French Vintage sledges sold well, with only two left...these may come in useful now as the weather has really turned now.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Sunbury Antiques Market 30th November 2010

Well the van's all loaded, ready to roll, just hoping the roads are clear and no snow! I've got a variety of fab items on board for Tuesday...French wine crates, perfect for filling with bottles/cinnamon sticks/lavender bunches and giving as a fab 'house' present.
French vintage sledges, well we might need these to get around the market? Also make a beautiful Christmas hall display.
Beech dining chairs, you never know how many extra guests will be descending on you this holiday!
Lloyd Loom linen boxes and chairs, the perfect way to 'vintage' your bathroom.
A couple of vintage trunks...somewhere attractive to hide away the 'pre-Christmas' tidying!

No doubt I will find room for a few more interesting items from my barn to bring along...

Only a few more weeks until I can return to France, to search out some more beautiful antiques.....

So, look foward to seeing you all at Kempton 6.30am Tuesday!